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Retro Core Volume 3

by Yakumo

Published 2004

Retro Core Vol:3 promises to be the best so far ! Back by popular demand is the Hardware close up plus a new Vs feature which will show the same game running on two platforms. Here's what you can expect to see. Arcade Special (Film of inside a retro arcade), Best Christmas game ever (you probably know what this will be), Axelay and Run Saber on the SFC, Granada on the Sharp X68000, Bari-arm on Mega CD, Techomotor on Saturn, Panorama Cotton on the Mega Drive. PC Engine Vs Mega Drive special (Devil Crash).

Released at then end of 2004.

Run time 01:37:00
Producer Yakumo
Production Company segagagadomain Productions
Audio/Visual MPEG Audio Layer 3 24000Hz stereo 56Kbps, XVID 352x288 29.97fps (MPEG4)
Language English
Contact Information <a href=""></a>


Presented by

Video & Audio

Flash Programming

Retro Core was made using the following software
Swish Max
Virtual Dub
Flask MPEG
X-Vid MPEG 4

Filmed using Sharp & Mitsubishi Digital Video Equipment

MPEG 2 Encoding Hardware by BUFFALO

Opening Art from Glaylancer Copyright of NCS Misaya
Opening Music from Macross Scramble Valkry Copyright of Zamuse
Game Information Music from Shutokou Battle 2 Copyright of BPS
Hardware Close Up Music from Ganbare Goemon Copyright of Konami
Ending Music from Assault Suit Valken Copyright of NCS Misaya

Retro Core wishes to thank the members of the following forums for their encouragement in the making of Retro Core

ASSEMbler Games
Dreamcast History

Have a wonderful new year and keep those classics alive. Make sure that fat git in a red suit brings you some Retro Goodness too (^o^)


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